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NESDCA Accredited Bedbug Teams
About Us

Indy K-9 Inspectors is a bed bug detection firm comprised of highly trained, nationally certified (NESDCA) Bed Bug Dog Teams that will help locate and identify live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs.

In 2013, we joined M&M Pest Control, a premier pest elimination firm in NYC to create one of the largest NESDCA certified canine teams in the Northeast.

Our vehicles and uniforms do not display the word “bed bugs” because we understand the importance of confidentiality.  Our teams are extremely discreet. All findings are confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your written consent. If bed bugs are detected, we can work with you to develop a solution. Since we provide only bed bug detection services, we will be able to offer impartial inspections and recommendations on how to best solve and remediate your problem.

Why Choose K-9 Inspections for Bed Bugs?
The key to eliminating bed bugs is a proper inspection. While adult bed bugs may be easier to identify, bed bugs, especially nymphs and eggs, are very difficult to locate. With a keen sense of smell, scent detection dogs possess the unique ability to detect bed bugs quickly, accurately and efficiently, with little disruption to your premises.